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A1 Mechanical Services

Plumbing, Sheet Metal and Refrigeration.

Serving Calgary, Alberta.

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A1 Mechanical Services

We provide you with quality craftsmanship. Our plumbers, sheet metal workers and refrigeration mechanics are highly qualified. We want to do the job right the first time and quality craftsmanship takes time. Allow us time to do the job right. We are interested in you as a long term customer and we know that reliable services are hard to find. We insist that our trades people double check to ensure the proper results. Our systems are priced competitively but realise you often get what you pay for. As the owner and a tradesman, I know quality and I personally ensure every member of our team will build your project as if it was their own. Our standards are high. The people we employ are quality tradesman and we care for them as an individual, not a number. You will find as we do, that a happy tradesman performs better.

Bathroom renovations

Bathroom Renovations

Our certified plumbers know bathrooms. Bathrooms need to fit the needs of each individual in your family and also fit your budget. Seniors may prefer a walk in bath with a few additional grab bars. They often prefer a higher toilet seat to make it easier to get standing again. Customizing your bathroom to suit the needs of your family or business is our strong point. Accessibility is often the largest challenge for bathroom remodeling. Others enjoy the look and feel of new fixtures and finishes. New bathroom fixtures and faucets can make a huge difference in your everyday comforts. Easy to clean surfaces make life better and more enjoyable. Bright shimmering surfaces makes one feel cleaner. Upgraded finishes like tile flooring and tile tub surrounds give visitors the impression you care about yourself, your friends and your family. Everyone will enjoy the clean feel of your new bathroom.

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Clean waterWater testingPure water

Drinking water systems

Everyone enjoys pure drinking water. You may enjoy walking by a river, a lake or by the sea but would you drink the water?  Not unless you absolutely had to and then you would likely want to boil it or sterilize it. Drinking surface water could make you sick due to parasites or bacteria. In our time we have the convenience of chlorinated tap water to keep our water supply safe but many of us find tap water distasteful. Reverse osmosis can remove more than the chlorine taste but will improve the waters purity by removing nearly 99.8% of the total dissolved solids from the water. Reverse osmosis is the preferred technology used today in purifying water. You will taste and smell the difference of reverse osmosis purified water. You will likely live longer, live better with a reverse osmosis system in your home and business. As plumbing contractors we understand the value of great tasting water. We also have carbon activated filtering systems if you only want to remove the chlorine taste and not the minerals or trace elements.

Fireplaces and waterfallsOutdoor gas fire pitFour sided fire placeWood stove

Gas Fireplaces and Wood Stoves

Do you enjoy sitting by an open fire? Most people would agree wood stoves and fireplaces give you a comfort that cannot be matched. Wood stoves and gas fireplaces are enjoyable and now you can experience an open fire on your deck with the convenience of gas. You can roast marshmellows right on your deck or in your backyard with gas fired open pit fireplace. Wood stoves will never go out of style or be forgotten but the convenience of gas has got even better. Enjoy a new open pit gas fired appliance today.  Gas fireplaces are a great feature of any room. We have a large selection of single sided, double sided, three and four sided fireplaces.  Some gas fired fireplaces add heat to the room others do not. So be sure you know what you want before you get it.

Fish ponds

Fish ponds and water features

Bring nature to your doorstep with a pond.  Everyone enjoys wildlife and nature. A pond is not only a place for fish but a place where wildlife will also come to visit. We installed a fish pond and now blue herons, cranes, ducks and many song birds visit our pond. Fish ponds are enjoyable are not just for large properties but can also be built as a fountain on smaller properties right in your backyard. Once you have had a fish pond you will always want a fish pond. Quiet restful flowing water relieves stress and promotes green living and a green earth. You will certainly enjoy a fish pond and the creatures it draws. Install a pond and give something back to the earth. Ponds, dug outs and fountains help to sustain wildlife and give you a peaceful place to get away from the stress of daily modern living. These systems can even be installed indoors. Our ponds when used properly can keep most fish species alive over the winter right in the pond.


A forced air furnace in Calgary works hard and needs to be maintained

Calgary furnaces need to be well maintained with the long winters here. If your furnace stops working a replacement might not be an option but a necessity. In Canada a furnace must be replaced with a minimum 92% efficiency furnace. This law is designed to help reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Your home needs to be heated whether you are at home or not so having green appliances helps to reduce global warming. Investing into a high efficient product will also reduce your gas bill. Some people have said they have reduced their gas bill by half but I prefer to say that a 30% to 40% cost savings can be experienced, depending on the existing furnace being replaced. Furnace replacements reduce your carbon footprint, saves you money and makes energy available for others to use.  Furnace replacements need to be done prior to cracks appearing in your heat exchanger. If you wait until after cracks appear in your heat exchanger then the time you waited and the time it took to replace your furnace exposed you and your family to hazards of products of combustion and possible carbon monoxide. Carbon monoxide, sulfur dioxide and products of combustion are known to be carcinogenic and sometimes even lethal. Furnace replacements will allow you to enjoy reliable comfort for years to come. As a furnace replacement contractor we will help you to select the best product for your needs.


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Geo thermal systems

Geothermal Heating & Cooling

Geothermal heating and Geothermal cooling is one of the most environmentally friendly and sustainable resources known to man. If we have the blessing of financial abundance then this could be one of the best decisions of conscience we ever make as human beings. We want modern comforts and we want to be environmentally responsible then geothermal is the best way to go. Geothermal systems are becoming more affordable. These systems last for many years and although investment in the beginning is substantial, the costs can be recuperated overtime by spending less on utilities. Some have built systems to take themselves completely off grid.  Geothermal is worth taking a look at. Being environmentally responsible does not mean it will be inexpensive but it will certainly last much longer than a traditional system. Consider the earth friendly method of providing you comfort. Make the earth greener for your children and for generations to come. Geothermal is one of the most earth-friendly heating and cooling systems known to man. Geothermal systems are a part of the greenhouse gases solution. Invest in our future and the future of your children with geothermal heating and cooling systems. Giving you the comfort you deserve while sustaining our environmental future.

heat recovery ventilation

Heat Recovery Ventilation

Heat recovery systems save you money. Money leaves you every day in the form of heat losses in your home and business when you exhaust warm air. A heat recovery ventilation system provides fresh air to your home that is preheated by recovering the heat from the exhausted air. Recovering the heat reduces your consumption of fuel. In many businesses high air change rates are very important due to processes that require large exhaust systems. Recovering the heat from exhaust can save a lot of money especially in industrial applications. Often commercial environment find it necessary to keep shoppers awake with adequate fresh air. Increasing oxygen levels will increase sales and productivity.  Increasing air change rates cost money but much of the cost can be recovered by a heat recovery ventilation system. Ask us how a heat recovery ventilation system can save you money and help to save the environment too.

Hot tub spa

Hot tubs

Almost everyone enjoys a hot tub. Hot tubs relieve stress. Increase circulation and are a great way to spend time with friends. If you are the romantic type, then spending a night under the stars in a hot tub will bring you memories you will never forget. You and your loved one can soak up the view and enjoy a gentle message from your hot tub jets. Get a new hot tub installed soon. A jetted message from a new hot tub can leave you feeling relaxed and refreshed to begin a new day. Filtration and pool treatments maintain the health of your hot tub water. With the right treatment you will enjoy your hot tub for years to come. Get the best out of life with a new hot tub.

hot water heaters

Hot water tanks, indirect water tanks and tank less hot water systems

When it comes to hot water our goal is to provide tempered water to every faucet in the home or business, when it is needed and with adequate pressure with enough hot water to satisfy the demand. We will provide the best products at reasonable prices to keep your hot water flowing. Hot water tanks are getting more efficient and are being designed to reduce greenhouse gases. Upgrading to a condensing hot water tank will lower your carbon foot print. No one wants to wait for a hot shower so hot water tanks are simply one of the best solutions to high demand situations due to the fact that storage of hot water allows adequate supply during peak uses. Tank less hot water systems conserve space and can provide an endless supply of hot water on demand but are best suited to lower demand situations as a high demand will cause the unit to reduce flow to provide water of adequate temperature. As plumbing contractors we know the value of hot water. We will recommend the best products to suit your needs.

Keep warm with central heatingWall radiatorwall radiatorsdecoritive wall radiators

Boilers & hydronic heating

Boilers are a great way of transferring heat from one place to another.  Boilers can heat surfaces that might normally be cold like basement floors. Boilers can melt snow covered sidewalks and driveways without even lifting a shovel. Heat very large areas and large volumes like swimming pools very efficiently with a boiler.  Natural gas fired boilers are becoming very efficient and economical compared to the past. Many boilers are so small they hang on the wall, yet they are powerful enough to heat your whole house and heat your hot water. Hydronic heating also known as in floor or in slab heating can also transfer heat through perimeter radiant panels or radiators. Generally Hydronic heating refers to a boiler system in which fluids are circulated throughout the building by means of a piping system. Hydronic heating is the best way to heat a cold basement floor or melt the snow from your driveway. As plumbing contractors we can help you get the right product to fit you budget.

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Steam bathSaunaSteam showerSteam shower sauna

Steam room, Steam shower & Sauna

Now you can enjoy a steam bath or steam shower at home. Steam showers relieve stress. Enjoy a steam spa at home with a loved one or alone. If you love to be pampered then a steam shower is the ultimate in luxury living. Why not pamper yourself with a new steam room today. It also gives added value to the selling your home.

Indoor swimming pools

Swimming pools

Pool water sampling and pool cleaning are a must to keep you and your loved ones safe from water born contamination. We have sampling kits available as well as filtration and sanitation equipment to keep your pool ready to use. We can build you a heated indoor pool complete with ventilation and make up air systems that are required to reduce condensation. We have retractable pool covers and accessories for your pool installation. We also sell swim spas and hot tubs. We can design a pool system to suit your needs.

indoor waterfallwater garden


A waterfall in my house? Why? A water feature helps to add humidity and cleans the air of dust and contaminates naturally. The earth cleans the air with rain and snow. We cannot make it rain in your house but we can clean the air, first by mechanical filtration, second by creating a waterfall in your house. A waterfall does not need to be very big to help clean the air. A waterfall about the size of a picture is all you need to act as a dust magnet. The process will absorb most of the floating particles that drift near the waterfall. The air will be noticeably fresher and cleaner with a waterfall then without it. Give us a call for a free in home evaluation.

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WeldingCommercial Kitchen ExhaustDirty duct

Sheet metal ventilation systems

We design, supply and install exhaust systems, ventilation and make up air systems, heating and cooling systems for residential, commercial, and industrial applications. We install duct work distribution systems out of various metals depending on the application. Ducts can be made out of various materials like galvanized mild steel, stainless steel, aluminum, black Iron, satin coated mild steel. Cutting and shearing sheet metal, breaking, forming or rolling sheet metal are required to size the system to do the job. Welding processes are also a part of most ducting projects. We size your heating and cooling systems by the buildings load. We calculate the heat gain and the heat loss of the structure in Calgary's climate and design a system based upon it's intended use and occupancy. Please note the same building in the tropics will require a completely different heating and cooling system. In our climate we need humidification. Calgary is quite dry. We sell various humidifiers to help you with Calgary's dry air. As sheet metal contractors know how to give you the comfort you deserve. As sheet metal contractors we know the value of air quality. Sheet metal is sharp and difficult to work with. Leave it to a sheet metal worker to give you the results you deserve.

Snow melting systems

Snow melting systems

Heated driveways and sidewalks is now made easy with a glycol snow melting system. Never shovel snow again. Salt will eat away at brick and concrete surfaces. Snow shoveling services are expensive. Once installed, a snow melting system is the nearly maintenance free and lasts for decades. Reduce dependence of hiring a snow removal service. This system is convenient and can be automated with control sensors which can be accessed remotely.

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